CHO Pharma’s new drug enters into clinical trial in the US.



Reported by Jian, Shuo-Han, Economy Daily News on 2017-03-08


Lead by scientists from Academia Sinica, CHO Pharma excited announced that its first product is going to enter US FDA Phase I clinical trial. Moreover, CHO Pharma Inc will be listed as a company on the emerging stock market. Entering into the market, CHO Pharma will be better connected globally. Once the new drug is on the market, the company value will reach 10 billion US dollars.


The majority of CHO Pharma’s technology came from Dr. Wong, Chi-Huey, the former President of Academia Sinica. One important discovery by Academia Sinica and a major development of antibody drugs is that there are glycan antigens on every cancer and finding the correlated antibody can lock and kill cancer cells and boost immune system.


In 2013, Academia Sinica publically announced availability of 16 glycan related products for technology transfers; however, no offer was presented at first. Eventually, Diamond Biofund decided to participate the technology transfer after thorough considerations and third part evaluations. Currently, the capital of CHO Pharma is about 1.8 billion US dollars. Academia Sinica is the largest shareholder with 33% shares from technology transfers and Diamond Biofund holds 20% shares. In June 2014, the cash capital increase issue price is 40 Taiwan dollars per share.


In 2016, Dr. Chen, Lan-Bo, an Academican of Academia Sinica and Emeritus professor of Pathology Dept., Harvard Medical School became the chairman of CHO Pharma, Inc. As the chairman of CHO Pharma, Dr. Chen has focused his attention on product commercialization. Currently, CHO Pharma is in possession of more than 30 products and more than 100 patents. Success of any new drug development will bring in tens of billions US dollars of business and opportunity.


Dr. Chen revealed that 75% of global pharmaceutical industry is about antibody and protein related drugs, and the glycan structures on antibody of the protein drugs are complicated and difficult. However, Taiwan is a global leader in small molecule glycosylation technology. After product commercialization, biotechnology industry in Taiwan will surely take off.


Dr. Chen reasoned that Taiwan biotechnical industry can be developed by identifying antigen and antibody. Through advance technology, 400 human antigens can be separated and categorize into a database library. It only takes a few to work for the new drug development to be successful. In biotechnology industry, any antigen could mean tens of billions US dollars business.


Dr. Chen further emphasized that there are plenty of brilliant scientists and technical personality in Taiwan, and government should direct the antigen identification project as part of the national biotechnical project for taking a lead in the global biotechnology race.

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CHO Pharma is invited by BioTaiwan to present company prospect at “2017 BioBusiness Asia Conference, BBA.”
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