CHO Pharma is invited by BioTaiwan to present company prospect at “2017 BioBusiness Asia Conference, BBA.”


CHO Pharma is invited by BioTaiwan to present company prospect at “2017 BioBusiness Asia Conference, BBA.”

For the first time, CHO Pharma Inc is invited by BioTaiwan to present the breakthrough in the development of its glycan target, new generation, high efficacy, low side effect antibody drug and other product lines in 2017 BioBusiness Asia Conference, BBA.”

CHO Pharma, established in 2013, focuses on developing innovative carbohydrate and protein based new drug. Currently, there are 6 drugs under development, including three homogenous antibody drugs for treating cancers and autoimmune diseases, two drugs and vaccines targeted glycans for treating cancers, and a double-effects anti-influenza drug. Moreover, CHO Pharma dedicates to develop glycan array, glycan probe, and their applications.

Since it’s establishment, CHO Pharma has made steady progress toward its business goals. The core platform technology transfer has been completed, new drug laboratories have been built, pre-clinical new drug tests, and global patent planning are underway. After the IND application of the first product was submitted to US FDA in 2017, pre-clinical trial tests for two more new drugs will be completed in two to three years for IND application.

Glycan related research/development and its application have become an important trend in biotechnical new drugs. The homogenous glycoengineering platform can modify glycans on antibody to a single glycan form. Many international pharmaceutical companies have expressed interested in the first homogenous antibody new drug and begun to pay attention to glycan chemistry development in Taiwan.

As the development of product line matures, CHO Pharma Inc not only has begun actively planning international authorization, cooperations opportunity and global strategic alliance but also continues to develop its core technology and patent advantages to become an international company with a successful Taiwanese brand.

News Release :The new glycoengineered homogenous anticancer antibody drug of CHO Pharma was approved in the US for Phase I clinical trial.
CHO Pharma’s new drug enters into clinical trial in the US.