We currently have more than 30 multinational patents protection and continuously implement value-driven patent strategy and portfolio management. It is estimated there will be over 100 multinatonal patents. Followings are the patent lists already in public.

A. Homogeneous Antibody  
Publication No. Country
US 2011/0263828 US


B. Glycan-based Vaccine and Drugs  
Publication No. Country
AU 2011250970 AU
CA 2,835,489 CA
CN 103068378 CN
EP 2568976 EP
JP 2013-528160 JP
KR 2013008950 KR
US 2013/0225532 US
EP 2841066 EP
US 2013/0274229 US


C. Glycan Array  
Publication No. Country
US 8,383,554 B2 US
US 8,906,832 B2 US
EP 2318832 B1 EP
JP 2011-528440 JP
US 8,680,020 B2 US
EP 2411528 EP
US 8,507,660 B2 US


D. Glycan Probes  
Publication No. Country
US 7,910,319 B2 US
US 8,329,413 B2 US
US 7,960,139 B2 US
US 2012/0149887 US
US 7,943,330 B2 US